customer experienceThe Importance of a Seamless Customer Experience


In furniture retail, nothing is more important than the customer experience.  Whether selling beds, sofas or furniture for living spaces, we must understand what our customers need.  Point of sale (POS) systems can help us make the customer journey more efficient than ever before.  Whether it is through in-store inventory management or smarter checkout controls, furniture shopping has never been easier.

But why is it so important that we keep customer experience seamless and fluid?


Customers Need More Power – Inventory Management Can Help

Consider the journey that customers go on when they buy furniture from your store.  They will visit your showroom and will want to look at your best products, close-up.  They may even want to customise their sofas, chairs or beds in their favorite colors.  Without a specialist point of sales (POS) system, customers may feel locked out of making such decisions.

The modern world is fast-moving with instant results and quick answers.  Modern furniture shoppers do not want to spend hours browsing catalogues or walking around showrooms.  They want to be able to find the looks and styles they enjoy and to be able to try furniture out before they buy.

With Smart POS software, sales teams can search inventory management at the touch of a button.  Queries regarding furniture levels find answers in seconds.  Customers can also customise their choices through interactive screens and panels.  By giving customers more power, and offering them a seamless experience, they can find what they want and make a sale in one visit to your store.


Customers Expect Consistency

With a seamless customer experience, everyone is on the same page.  By blending your online and in-store channels, for example, there is no room for confusion over what to expect.  Through a well-managed POS solution, your whole team can communicate clearly.  They can always deliver consistent answers to customers, making everyone accountable.

In modern retail, customers expect floor staff to be able to answer questions.  A seamless operation means that sales staff, warehouse teams and logistics crew have access to the same data, at the same time.  Miscommunication between staff, which could impact service delivery, is eradicated.


Increasing Revenue

By making customer experiences more seamless, there is more opportunity for you to generate revenue.  You could use a POS application to upsell and link sell stools and tables for specific chair purchases.  You can also connect your online channels with your physical store so that deals and offers can run conjointly.

Fully-fledged point of sale systems will allow your team to process customer queries quicker than ever before.  Processes speed up, which means you have more time to create additional sales.


Going Seamless with Point of Sale Systems

Whether through smart inventory management or fast checkout services, it has never been easier to make the furniture buying process seamless for customers.  Ordorite supplies fantastic assets to help furniture specialists achieve their customer journey goals.  Install a modern, accessible and efficient point of sale systems so that your customers can find the looks they love with greater confidence.  Take a look at the Ordorite live demo and try our bespoke POS out for yourself!