Our Story

12th December 2017 2022-11-30 13:36

Ordorite Software

Our Story


Stephen Connolly

We created a best of breed software for the furniture, bedding and related retail market with the intention to help businesses see the real value an industry specific software solution can bring to their business. Choosing a software that is tailor made specific for your industry can maximise and enhance your business performance as it understands the needs and requirements of your industry

Ordorite Software was founded in 2006 by CEO, Stephen Connolly. His goal was to provide furniture, bedding and related retailers an end-to-end management software solution that manages all aspects of your business. Ordorite strives to be the market leader in retail management software, and is always innovating its solution to ensure its customers have the most up-to-date technology.

With offices in Ireland, United Kingdom and Canada, Ordorite has established itself as leading software provider for furniture, bedding and related retailers. We cater to retailers of all sizes, from single store locations to multiple store locations, and have customers all over the world.

Ordorite has been accredited many awards over the years including Business All-Star 2018, and IT Europa European IT & Software Excellence 2018 and 2019. These achievements demonstrate our credibility as a software solution.


Mission and Values

Ordorite Company Mission

To provide a high quality software solution to help businesses perform with maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Ordorite Philosophy

Believe in the software, trust in the software provider

Ordorite Promise

Delivering on knowledge and expertise to provide a high quality software solution to retail businesses

Since adopting the Ordorite system

Customers saw improved stock accuracy within 1 month
Customers seen an increase in gross profit margin (up to 9%) within the first year

Customers saw immediate efficiencies across all departments

Retailers cash flow has improved since acquiring the Ordorite system

Some of Our Clients

Want to know more about Ordorite?

If you are a furniture retailer looking for a Point of Sale Business Solution to manage your business end-to-end, download our booklet today where we share tips and tricks of the trade as well as why you should choose us as your software provider.
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