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At Ordorite, we deliver a hands-on approach from the initiation stage of you purchasing our software, through to the implementation, training and use of the software itself.

Implement the right software for your business

Ordorite, being specifically built for the retail industry, instantly provides the functionality to run your business successfully so you get an immediate return on investment, while effectively reducing the risk of failure and increasing the speed of implementation. By simply identifying the pain points in your business, and also the key benefits of using the software for each department hugely increases the success of any implementation.

Over the years, we have found that close involvement with our customers speeds up the implementation and improves the success of the product. We are very involved throughout the entire process from pre-planning, migration from manual or other systems, pre-live training and on-site live support, while also working closely with you when the product goes live be it on site or remotely. We firmly believe in providing our customers with the utmost support and care to make sure you are fully equipped to make the transition of using our software a lot easier.

As soon as you become a customer with Ordorite, we take you through step-by-step the implementation and installation process. To ensure implementation of Ordorite runs as smoothly as possible, we adopt a sure step methodology; a six step process carried out from initiation to completion of implementation. We believe having a step by step process ensures consistency of project flow, and increased project efficiency from start to finish of the implementation process.

Communication from start to finish

From the beginning, we provide you with a detailed implementation plan, showing a timeline from set up to going live. After we have agreed on a purposed timeframe, a site visit is essential to further analyse the processes in your business, discuss stock takes, stock imports and other important aspects of the business. To begin data migration and set up of our system, all we need from you is a stock list to include products, prices and suppliers, any customer information you want to retain, and your company information and logo.

Whether you are coming from a manual basis or changing systems, the migration and set up is a straightforward process. If you are changing over from another system, all we have to do is export the data from your previous system and migrate it into our system. If you are coming from a manual basis, we can easily import data from your stock records. As our system is fully cloud based, you can access the system via Google Chrome with a specified URL link and login details.

You have questions,
We have answers

Our team of experts are always here to answers any questions you have. Just contact us today!

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