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31st May 2019 2023-09-05 7:51

Furniture Store Software

Furniture Store Software

Run your business efficiently with a software specifically designed for furniture retailers
Furniture Point of sales

Software that every furniture retailer will need

Furniture sales have been strongly growing over the last 10 years, and the global furniture market is set to grow further at a rate of 5.2%. With this significant growth, your customers’ perceptions and buying habits have dramatically changed, and retailers need to adapt to these changes.

To keep up with your customer demands and perceptions, furniture retailers should be looking for niche inventory management software that is specific to the furniture sector. This sector is a complex industry, and it’s not as simple as just creating a sale. There are multiple options of products, special orders, selling from containers, transferring inventory between stores, pick lists, managing deliveries, warehouse, customer service, forecasting; deposits, return on exchanges; the list is endless. A solution that manages all these areas is paramount to a successful furniture retailer; and our software solution does all these standard functionalities and many more.

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Our software solution

Fast and easy-to-use POS

Our fast easy-to-use point of sale software makes it simple for anyone to operate. With a five step process, it gives you clear steps to create a sale with a customer. Our intuitive POS is touch friendly, works on any device, has digital signature capturing, integrates with PDQs and finance providers. It allows you to check stock availability, create customisable products, gather customer details, manage exchanges and refunds, up-sell and link-sell products, and create a sale from start to finish.

Our software solution

Multi-store functionality

Our inventory software and retail POS system is built to grow with your business, and makes managing multiple stores easy. Whether you have one store or hundreds of stores, you can manage your entire inventory in one place, check availability of inventory in all stores, automate processes, view and control inventory across different stores and transfer inventory from one store to another.

Our software solution

Made-to-order products

Our retail POS system allows you to create customisable made-to-order products for customers. We have a special tile builder that makes it easy to customise products, choosing different colours, fabrics, sizes and styles. You can also create a product on the fly by building up a product from scratch.

Our software solution

Omni-channel selling

Customers now expect you to sell furniture online as well as in-store. Manage both your online store and your retail store in one place. Manage stock control on both channels and upload product images and descriptions to your website with just a click of a button.

Our software solution

Delivery routing & scheduling

Our delivery scheduler allows you to set realistic dates, shows all your orders in one place, and can provide a map of the route for deliveries. As you start building an order, the system will automatically allocate your orders to zones, routes and schedules. You can also manage pick lists, browse delivery history, reschedule and reallocate deliveries.

Our software solution


You can set up automated triggers which can automate the processes that are originally done manually to date. It can automatically send POs, update you on purchase orders that have been approved, reallocate stock to other customers’ orders, and multiple other automated steps that can make your business run without you in it.

Our software solution

Available on any device

Our software is available on any device, so you can look after your business on-the-go. Whether you are away on holidays and want to check in to see how business is going, or you simply want to walk around the shop floor with the customer, our software is available on PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Our software solution

Get your customers back in store

Want to get your customers back in store? We have an innovative marketing tool which will segment your customers into different groups based on their buying habits. You can then send these customers personalised pre-built marketing material to entice them back in store via SMS, email, or newsletter. You can also manage and monitor social reviews via Google, Facebook and TrustPilot.

Our software solution

Up-selling, Cross-selling and Link-selling

Ordorite provides a very innovative way to guide your salespeople to try up-sell and link-sell. The system can visually show you prompts while you are adding to an order, or you can automatically prompt the salespeople and choose the products. This has proven to drive your average ticket value immensely throughout the sales process.

Our software solution

BI & Management reporting

Reporting can be time consuming yet important task for your business. We offer hundreds of reports such as daily sales, gross profit, current sales vs last year’s sales, top selling and least selling products, and replenishment forecasting. From a glance at these reports you know how your business is performing and allows you to make accurate business decisions. We also provide an interactive KPI dashboard and customer heat maps.


Features for every aspect of your business

We offer features to run every single part of your business from end-to-end, with point of sale, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse, delivery. customer service, marketing, and reporting.


What can Ordorite do for your furniture business to improve profitability?


360 view of your business

Get a 360 view of your business with our interactive KPI dashboard to show you every aspect of your business and how it’s performing.


Manage your inventory

Be it one store or hundreds of stores, you can manage your entire inventory in one place, check inventory levels at a glance and make accurate business decisions.


Eliminate inventory inconsistencies

The system can give you warnings if inventory is damaged or affected, and give you accurate inventory calculations, meaning errors are eliminated, making your business more efficient.


Increase productivity

Having a management system means your staff can focus on more important aspects of business such as customer relationship building instead of doing tasks like reports and stock management.


Automate Processes

Make the sale process really fast and efficient so the salespeople spend less time managing the business, and more time with the customer. Automating tasks will save time and improve efficiency, as well as eliminating mistakes in building complex orders.

Customer services

Engage with your customers

Enhance the customer experience by monitoring social reviews, sending personalised marketing campaigns via SMS, email and newsletter, and managing quotations sent out and which customers came back in store.

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