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Managing your business end-to-end with Ordorite Software

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The end-to-end solution dedicated to the furniture industry

With over 10 years experience in furniture retail, our software is specifically designed for the furniture industry, with features to suit every need; warehouse management, delivery and dispatch, sales, purchasing, management reports, and more! The furniture industry has evolved in the last decade with furniture customers looking for more customised to-order type furniture, with buying habits occurring both in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Furniture retailers are conscious of the new trends in furniture retail, and the importance of software to manage business’ is becoming more prevalent. Our knowledge makes it easy for us to know exactly what furniture retailers are looking for in software management. Whether you are a paper-based retailer looking for software to manage your business more efficiently, or looking to change software systems, we are the all-in-one solution to meet any needs the furniture retailer may have!

Furniture retail management

Since acquiring the Ordorite system…

Customers saw improved stock accuracy within 1 month
Customers seen an increase in gross profit margin (up to 9%) within the first year

Customers saw immediate efficiencies across all departments

Retailers cash flow has improved since acquiring the Ordorite system


Features specifically designed for furniture retailers

Sales Process & POS
  • Fast sales processing
  • Sell from items on order (purchase order/ containers) or in production
  • Multiple store and franchises setup
  • Sell products live from multiple warehouses and other stores
  • Cloud Point of Sale (compatible to all tablets, phones and PCs)
  • Promotions and discount controls
  • Track all customer details/sales history
  • Process orders for takeaway, delivery or collection
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Container management
  • Purchase order management/ validations and returns
  • Forecasting and stock replenishments
  • Budgeting
  • Multi-currency
  • Exporter management
Delivery and Logistics
  • Delivery scheduling and management
  • Route planning
  • Deliver truck management
  • Product cubic meter calculations
  • Delivery dockets, pick lists and loading lists
  • Mobile scanning
  • Reconnect with your customers
  • Quote management and analysis
  • Customer trend and behaviour analysis
  • Personalised SMS, Email, Newsletter templates
  • RFM Analysis (Customer Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value)
  • Customer touchpoints to enhance targeted marketing
  • Monitor and manage social reviews via Google, Facebook, TrustPilot
Management reporting
  • Business intelligence reporting with heat maps and customer profiling
  • Data analytics and KPIs
  • Stock valuations, stock traceability and stock accuracy reports
  • Gross profit analyses
  • Financial reporting
  • Product ordering models
  • Salesperson commission facilities
Stock and Product Catalogue
  • Stock traceability, stock history (stock ledger)
  • Barcoding, department, categories, types, families
  • Ecommerce integration settings
  • Point of Sale and price tickets
  • Stock attributes
  • Upload product images
  • Stock packs and bundles
Warehouse management
  • Stock movements
  • Barcoding and box management
  • Multi warehouse configurations
  • Warehouse pick lists and loading lists
  • Product lifecycle traceability
  • Stock taking
Customer Service
  • Manage payments
  • Tasks and actions
  • Customer emailing and texting
  • Call backs
  • Manage complaints
  • In stock not delivered
  • View overdue orders
  • Professional replacement, returns and exchange management
  • Manage debtors payments
  • Credit notes
  • Deposits and invoicing
  • Stock ledgers
  • Customer and supplier ledgers
  • Manage suppliers
  • Debtors aged analyses
  • Refunds
  • API that allows external integration to many systems
  • Integration with accounts systems
  • Integrations with ecommerce sites (Woocommerce, Magento, Ebay, etc.)

Sales Process & POS

This involves point of sale and other sales operations vital for the daily running of your retail business.  Our solution enables you to:

cloud pos

Omnichannel retailing

Omnichannel refers to a multichannel sales approach, allowing seamless integration of your online and brick-and-mortar stores. Having full integration of your online and brick-and-mortar stores allows you to successfully manage your retail business from a single source, and providing your customers with the ultimate shopping experience.

Product & Stock Management

This involves successfully managing your stock from one single source to achieve better clarity and control over your business. Our solution enables you to:



This involves successfully managing your purchase orders, and having the ability to forecast with advanced stock replenishment reports, so you can see at a glance your purchasing habits. Our solution enables you to:


This innovative tool helps you get your customers back in store. Our solution enables you to:

Delivery & Logistics

This involves managing your delivery of stock for better control of your business. Our solution enables you to:

Management Reporting & Business Intelligence

Reporting can be a time consuming yet important task for your business. This module provides an advanced management reporting mechanism for retailers to quickly see how and where profits are generated in the business, as well as the areas that need improving. Our solution enables you to:

Ordorite’s return on investment

Customers saw improved stock accuracy within 1 month
Customers seen an increase in gross profit margin (up to 9%) within the first year

Customers saw immediate efficiencies across all departments

Retailers cash flow has improved since acquiring the Ordorite system

Customer Service

Ordorite’s system has a suite of tools to manage customer service and relations including overdue order management, customer callbacks, emailing & texting and Professional replacement, returns & exchange management.
58% of American consumers will switch companies because of poor customer service
89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience
78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to a poor customer experience


What our customers say

We were looking to expand our number of stores and we need to manage stock across all branches and warehouse. Ordorite gave us the power to manage our stock live and helped us improve our stock turn. They also helped us improve efficiency across the whole business as the system linked Point of sale al the way through to order fulfilment.
Andrew Blackburn
Financial Director, Brand Interiors, UK
We needed to systemise our furniture business in order to have one full integrated system to support our expansion. Ordorite provided this to us, tailoring their product to meet our needs. We have worked closely with Ordorite over the years to help our business grow from 2 stores to 10 stores, with more than 150 employees using the system daily. They are now the corner stone of our business, providing us live stock across all our branches and KPI information for all departments, which guides us to make accurate business decisions.
Liam Dilleen
Director, EZ Living Furniture, Ireland

Want to know more about Ordorite?

If you are a furniture retailer looking for a Point of Sale Business Solution to manage your business end-to-end, download our booklet today where we share tips and tricks of the trade as well as why you should choose us as your software provider.
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