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An innovative new way to get your customers back in store

Customer Retaining Business Review

Want to get your customers back in store?

Ordorite introduces GROW HUB ! It’s our new innovative marketing tool designed to help get your customers back in store.

Grow Hub uses a digital science approach to show who has not come into the store in a given time frame, and prompts you to follow up and send personalised messaging via SMS, email, or newsletter to those customers. Grow Hub allows you to segment your customers based on their buying habits and empowers you to set up prompts to gain customer interests so that you can later use their interests to get the customer back in store.

Key features in Grow Hub


Reconnect with your customers

Analyse your campaign activity, showing you data analytics of the list of customers you send your campaigns to, how many reconnected (how many have repurchased in store) and the revenue spent with the reconnects.


Customer interests to enhance target marketing

The customer interests is a great little tool where you can ask customers at a particular time during taking the sale if they are interested in any other types of furniture in the future. You can then target these customers with specific marketing material based on their needs.


Customer fragmentation using RFM Analysis and customer spending habits

Your customers are segmented into groups depending on their spending habits. They are categorised into these segments based on how recent they purchased, how frequent they purchase and how much they spend on a purchase.


Targeted SMS, email, newsletter template campaigns

Send your customers targeted marketing material specific to their needs. We have pre-built marketing templates, making it easy for you to send to customers.


Quote management and analysis

Manage and analyse the quotes you send out to customers. We provide a detailed account of the amount of quotes sent out, how many of those reconnected or repurchased in store.


Monitor your social reviews

Check out what your customers are saying about you online. We integrate with Google, TrustPilot and Facebook so you can monitor and manage customers’ feedback on your products and services.


Ordorite’s marketing tool, Growhub allows customers to segment and differentiate customers based on buying habits and facilitates for personalised marketing campaigns.
80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand that uses personalization techniques
As high as 77% of the returns generated through email marketing come from audience segmentation, targeted, and triggered campaigns
Digital retail brands that broadcast personalized promotional emails experience a 46% higher email open-rate and a 27% higher click-through rate than regular marketing emails

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