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7th March 2020 2023-09-05 8:09

One system powers all

A Powerful Point of Sale for your Retail Business

Ordorite’s point of sale software is designed to make your life easier and more efficient.

Simple, yet powerful features

Our point of sale is intuitive and easy to use with a range of different features, making our POS a powerful system for furniture and bedding retailers.


Check inventory availability

Be able to check inventory availability at the click of a button. As all availability is in real time view, you will be able to see what is available at that present moment in your stores, your warehouses, or your online store. If something is not available, you can also set up a purchase order request or sell off inbound containers coming in.


Five step process from start to finish

Our point of sale is designed to be super easy for anyone to use. Our five step process allows you to create a sale from start to finish with clear concise steps. The steps include opening a new sale order; gathering the customer’s details; searching and adding products; verifying the order; and finally save and pay.

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Up-sell and link-sell products

Our pos system will help you up-sell and link-sell relatable products when you are creating a sales order. The system will automatically prompt your sales staff to up-sell and link-sell. This has proven to significantly increase your average ticket value throughout the sales process.


Gather customer details

During the sale, you can gather all customer details including name, address, phone number and how they heard about you. These details will be saved on the system for future transactions with that customer and their details are also handy for marketing purposes.

Record customer interests for targeted marketing

Ask customers at a particular time during the sale if they are interested in any other products in the future. You can set it to a particular time in the future and the system will prompt you 30 days before the customers’ interests and you can target these customers with specific marketing material based on their needs.

Seamless integration of PDQ & receipt printers

Ordorite integrates with PDQ providers such as Sage Pay for your credit card payments. Our POS also works with receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers, so it is very easy for you to use and manage all point of sale activities.

Special Ordering

Our point of sale system allows you to create special orders such as made-to-order bespoke products for customers. We have a special tile builder where you can customise products with different colours, fabrics, sizes and styles.

Point Of Sale

Ordorite’s simple to use point of sale system facilitates both cross selling and upselling in order to maximise our customers sales.

Ordorite Growth
Cross-selling can increase sales by 20% and profits by 30%
Upselling and product recommendation is said to contribute up to 35% of overall revenues of Amazon

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