In today’s fast-paced industry, in order to meet your business’s growing needs, it is always advisable to invest in an effective Point of sales(POS) software system. This will enable you to employ modern technologies to manage your company instead of spending time and resources doing it manually. 

We all know that with time, technology is advancing more and more. Hence, in order to succeed in business, many small firms are investing in technology. Technology can streamline and minimize a number of business processes. Moreover, it automates the most significant and complicated operations easily.

Therefore, to manage and simplify your business operations and requirements, you may make use of Ordorite Smart POS software. This Furniture POS software will help you handle all of your business activities in one piece of software, and it operates at 100% efficiency. 

Let’s delve further into this article to gain a better understanding of a smart POS system.

How does Ordorite Smart POS software work?

Ordorite has spent more than a decade trying to simplify things for businesses through its effective furniture store POS systems. The solutions have been specifically designed to address issues unique to the furniture sector. 

Customers who use Ordorite Furniture POS systems have noticed benefits in almost every aspect. Including customer service, stock management, cash flow, and even profit margins.

The point-of-sale software from Ordorite is made to streamline and simplify your daily activities. With its powerful yet simple features, this furniture point-of-sale software can be extremely helpful for your retail business.

Our point of sale is user-friendly and intuitive, and it has a variety of features that make it a powerful solution for furniture and bedding stores. 

Main Features of Ordorite Smart POS Software

Below are the key features of our point of sale software. You may go through them before employing the software for your business requirements.

Effective inventory management

This furniture point-of-sale software can quickly and easily check the availability of your inventory. This software displays all the availability in real-time. Hence, you can see what is currently available in your stores, warehouses, or online store at any given time. 

Moreover, if any item is not readily available, you can also create a purchase order request or sell off incoming containers.

Offers a complete five-step method

Anyone may use our point of sale because it is so simple to use. With the help of our five-step procedure, you can produce a sale from beginning to end. 

The five-step procedure includes the following stages: 

  • Open a new sale order.
  • Add customer information. 
  • Search and add products.
  • Confirm the order. 
  • Lastly, save and pay.

Allows for link-sell and up-sell products

Whenever you will generate a sales order, our point of sale system will assist you in up-selling and link-selling relevant products. Your sales team will receive automatic up-sell and link-sell requests from the system. 

Hence, according to stats, this has been shown to considerably raise your average ticket value during the sales process.

Collects client information

Our furniture point-of-sale software helps you in collecting all the client information you need during the transaction. Information such as customer name, address, phone number, and referral source. 

This information will be retained on the system for you to use in any further transactions with that customer. Also, it is useful for marketing purposes.

Keeps track of consumer preferences for targeted marketing

During the entire sale cycle, this point of sale software seeks out the customers about their interest in other products. 

The system will alert you 30 days in advance of the customers’ interests. This will enable you to target them with relevant marketing techniques depending on their needs. 

Smoothly integrates receipt printers and PDQ

For credit card payments, the Ordorite POS system integrates with PDQ suppliers like Sage Pay. Our POS also integrates with cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners. This makes it incredibly simple for you to use and oversee all point-of-sale operations.

Helps in preparing special orders

You can create unique orders for customers using our point of sale system. Our furniture point-of-sale software helps in creating on-demand customized products. You can customize the goods with various colors, fabrics, sizes, and styles with our unique tile builder.

Closing Lines

An effective and reliable smart POS system is very necessary for businesses in order to compete and succeed in this technological era. Hence, we recommend you to use Ordorite’s Furniture point-of-sale software to streamline your tedious furniture inventory management and employee management processes.

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