Going mobile is the way forward!

As all technology is turning mobile, so are we! We have some exciting new launches to our furniture stock system for our customers and prospective customers. We have launched a mobile app that will help your business on the go, while making your business processes are lot more seamless and operationally efficient.

The mobile app has a range of benefits to include; will save you time in the long run, a more accessible view of the business, speeds up the whole stock take process, allows you to send purchase orders on the go, and allows you to check stock availability at anytime, anywhere in store.

In more detail, with our mobile app, you can do the following tasks:


  • Stock taking
  • Stock catalogue
  • Pick lists
  • Proof of delivery
  • Upload images of goods
  • Goods in
  • Purchase order creation
  • KPI reporting
  • Stock transfers
  • Barcoding


With these features, you can do many tasks. With Stock Taking, it allows you to search USLs (unique stock locations) for location accuracy, and scanning and barcoding for boxes and quantities. In Stock Catalogue, you can browse and search for your products in a speedy manner, to get stock availability, colours and sizes. The Pick Lists help improve efficiencies with loading vans, goods, quantities, descriptions, locations, references and order numbers.

For Proof of Delivery, the app allows you to get digital signatures for proof of goods, which can be uploaded instantly and forward to the warehouse for dispatching. Images of the goods can also be uploaded if needed. From the Goods In, you can see proof of deliveries, quantities and customer order numbers, container numbers, goods in date, part deliveries, scanned boxes, and adjustments.

In the Purchase Order Creation app feature, from the touch of a button you can quickly send off single and multiple purchase orders, approve purchase orders, look at customer information, order numbers, container numbers, and purchase order returns. Lastly from our KPI Reporting section you can view reports such as analytical reports, sales management, dispatch & logistics, marketing, purchasing, financial, daily sales reports and much more.

The future is certainly going mobile, and every retailer will benefit from the mobile app, making their businesses are lot more efficient in the long run.

To find out more about our mobile apps, and indeed our furniture stock system, click the link below to schedule a free demo and consultation with us!