mobile posThe Benefits of Using a Mobile POS in Furniture Retail


In the furniture retail industry, customers need to know all about stock.  They visit a store to try out soft furnishings and to look at storage solutions.  More often than not, they will want to leave your store with the product they want there and then.  Could using a mobile POS system help you to manage your customers’ expectations, and could a cloud-based POS help to make things more efficient?


Hands-On Inventory Control

The immediate benefit of staff using a mobile POS in furniture retail is that they will always be able to see what’s in stock.  Customers may ask if, for example, they can look at a leather three-piece suite.  Sales teams can load up a mobile app and check for stock in just a few taps and swipes.

What’s even better is that a cloud-based POS will allow you to check this data absolutely anywhere.  It helps to speed things up for both your team and your shoppers.


No More Paper Trails

There is often a lot of paperwork involved in furniture retail.  Customers will benefit from a fully-connected app that can contain delivery data and will accept signatures.  A mobile POS system can store signatures on-file, and will automatically send receipts to customers via email.

The benefit of this is that there is no more confusing documentation.  A POS in the cloud will help to keep things streamlined and easy to access at a later date, too.


A Mobile POS System Offers Zero Errors

A huge benefit in using a mobile POS system lies in the fact that errors are smoothed out.  With inventory data always being updated and analysed, human error is never a factor.

Sales and warehouse teams can communicate freely and seamlessly, keeping each other updated.  This also means customers benefit from accurate data when they look for stock.  That is great for shopper satisfaction, even if the furniture they want is unavailable, as at least expectations are in place.


Everyone Communicates Together Through Cloud-Based POS

One of the best overriding benefits of a mobile POS system for furniture retail is the collaborative aspect.  Your sales team can now communicate freely and directly with your warehouse control.  They can communicate with logistics and buying teams in an instant if stock is low.  With everyone having access to the same system, and at such short notice, there is never any fear of staff falling off the page.

Mobile POS services are also easy to get used to.  Staff can all benefit from the same training across the same devices and software.  That means training for furniture retail control is fully manageable regardless of individual position and experience.


Choosing the Best Mobile App

When looking to streamline the furniture retail process, you should always look for a simple POS that anyone can use.  However, you should also consider a system that is rich in control features beneath the surface!

Ordorite’s real-time inventory control and cloud-based POS will help you to manage your team and your customer expectations.  From logistics to sales and inventory, the perfect POS app will help to streamline your whole operation.

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