inventory controlDuring this time of crisis around the world, it’s time to take a step back and look at the important things in business; inventory control. Inventory control can be one of the biggest headaches for furniture retailers, so it’s important to get it right. Real-time inventory management, for example, is a potential solution for many stock control woes.  But how exactly does this work, and how can a POS system support you?


Outdated Inventory Management Techniques

The traditional way to plan for stock is to work by precedents.  What are people likely to buy from your collections at certain times of the year?  What do you need to stock more of in the January sales?

This style of inventory prediction is all well and good.  However, it’s not always easy to use precedents when predicting the future.  Furniture and interior design tastes will change.  However, sales alone are no longer a sole indication of how much stock you will need, and when.


Using a Real-Time Inventory Control Software

Real-time inventory control removes the need for physical stock checks.  Your team no longer has to take physical stock and inventory of all the furniture and items you have in store.  With a smart POS system, you can scan items to update stock levels.

What’s more, a POS will record when items are purchased.  It will retain a fast-moving database on your behalf.  It will boost digital inventory levels when new items come in and will deplete them when they sell.

That removes much of the need to plan ahead.  You can set POS functions to monitor specific products which are likely to sell out in specific seasons, too.


Can a POS system Predict Sales Behaviour?

A great asset to inventory management through a cloud POS is its ability to record all kinds of behaviour.  A great POS will not only record sales in real-time.  It will collate search behaviours.  It will even let you know which items receive the most views online and in-store.

Real-time inventory control will also record reviews and ratings.  Put to perfect use, a POS will allow you to make firmer predictions for stock.  It’s not always easy to predict the future, but real-time standards could help to narrow down the field.


Is Real-Time Inventory Analysis Easy?

With leading inventory control software, and with plenty of data, real-time stock checking can seem very easy.  However, it is going to take more than a few months of data to sift through.

If you are planning to introduce real-time furniture stock analysis, you’re going to need to look carefully at existing data.  You may also need to work with analysts to get a firm grip of what you’re looking into.

Data is a lot of fun to work with when it’s going your way.  However, a real-time stock management strategy is something you work up to, rather than something you can switch on overnight.



The ideal inventory control software, however, could put you strides ahead of the competition.  Ordorite’s leading software is simple to learn and flexible to a variety of furniture retail demands.  Why not enquire about trying our software with a live demo?