legacy systemAre Legacy systems damaging your furniture business?

Technology has come a long way in the last 20 years, but has your furniture retail store moved along with the changes in technology? You may not realise that your old outdated technology such as legacy systems is damaging your business and could be driving your customers out the door. Continue reading to find out how old tech could be impacting your business, and how you can combat these issues.

Old technology can impact your business in many ways. These include:

Lack of productivity due to inefficient systems

There are still many furniture retailers that are paper-based, using excel sheets, or in fact using outdated legacy systems to manage their stock control and other business tasks. These type of systems can often be the least productive ways to manage your business effectively. With paper based and excel sheets, retailers may often make human errors when recording information, and also takes a lot of time and effort. Legacy systems may be slow running, with lots of manual work involved, reducing employee productivity significantly.

Lost opportunities due to old technology

New management systems now have even more ways for furniture retailers to maximise on every opportunity they can when it comes to making sales. Technology is so advanced now, management systems such as Ordorite Software can help you predict future purchasing of stock, show you which products are selling better than others, and help you get your customers back in store with their innovative marketing tool.

Limited flexibility

Older systems can almost act as a barrier for some businesses. They are often restricted to what they can do. Even exporting data from a legacy system can be time consuming. Legacy systems may contain information saved on local devices, and need a physical presence at a physical location to do work. Newer technologies may have the option of being cloud based, means you can work from anywhere and access your system at any time.

Less cost effective

Over time legacy systems become more and more expensive. Support and updates on older systems are generally more expensive because it takes a lot more work for developers to offer continued maintenance and updates.

One way of combating all these issues is to invest in retail management system that is up-to-date with all the latest advancements in technology and can manage your business more effectively than a legacy system. Ordorite Software offers a fully end-to-end retail management solution specifically for furniture and bedding retailers. We have features for every aspect of your business including point of sale, purchasing, customer service, marketing, mobile solutions, delivery and logistics, warehouse management, omni-channel and more. To find out more about our software, schedule a demo with us today.