Ordorite’s new releases 2019

Ordorite have some exciting new releases from Quarter 1 this year and the beginning of Quarter 2. The following are the new releases so far:

 Creating a Product on the Fly

This is a new feature where if a product did not exist previously or has not been set up on the system before, you can now create it from scratch on the POS. You can add the information on the system whilst you create a sale with a customer.

Customer touchpoints implementation into POS

The customer touchpoints is anytime a customer comes into contact with your brand. During the sale with a customer, the system now prompts you to ask them if they are interested in any other furniture categories in the future. The system allows you to note down the category of furniture they are interested in and when they would be interested. So if in 6 months’ time they are interested in dining furniture, the system will then prompt you prior to the 6 months, and you can send the customer marketing material about that particular category, be it a promotional offer, a new range, or a discount. It’s a great way to entice customers back into store.

Multi-Language option

Ordorite now comes in multiple different languages so it’s easy for any country to use. On the home dashboard, or anywhere on the system, you can now choose which language you want to use. You will find this on the top right hand corner under the admin drop down menu.

Reopen invoiced orders to edit VAT rate and prices

You can now view your invoiced orders and edit VAT rates and prices. It may be useful for sales staff to edit VAT and prices to existing invoiced orders, and if someone makes a mistake, it’s easily corrected. You will be able to edit the VAT and prices in the sales process section under your customers.

Sales invoicing

The system previously sent customers an invoice with the full order, whether all items were delivered or not. Now it has been updated so you can send a sales invoice for the items that have been delivered.

Xero integration

We now offer quick Xero accounts package integration for customers. The system will auto send suppliers, customers, purchase invoices, sales invoices and stock count valuations to Xero.

Cancellations, refunds and exchanges redesign

There is now an option on the POS where you can cancel, refund or exchange items that have been delivered. This makes is easier for sales staff, rather than having to go back into the system to make a refund, exchange or cancel an item.

 Delivery date locks

Senior staff and customer service staff can now lock down a delivery date on a customer order that cannot be changed unless authorised. This stops sales staff from changing dates on orders scheduled. A warning message will be displayed on the POS with these restrictions in place.

Click and collect added to POS

The click and collect option which was originally on the management system, can now be done on the POS. If a customer comes in to collect an item, the sales staff can now simply log into the POS and mark it as collected.

Customer touchpoints feedback landing page and customer email links

When a sale is made with a customer on the POS, a follow up email is sent to that customer asking them to give their feedback on their experience. The email sends them a link to write a review of your products and service. This is a useful way for you to manage and enhance the customer experience.

Ordorite is constantly updating and innovating for its customers so they get the highest value out of the product. All these new innovations improve and enhance the customer experience. For more information about our retail management software, contact us today or request a free online demo below!