New Features for November 2018

We have some exciting new features this month. Along with our already complete furniture retail software, these new features will be very useful for furniture and bedding retailers and will help them in day-to-day tasks within their business.


  1. Smart product search

This feature allows you to quickly search any product in the system with just typing in a word or description of the product. For example, by just typing in bed, it will bring up all products associated with beds. You can also do an advanced search, where you can input a barcode number, supplier, or product category. This smart search will help retailers search items quickly, saving them time. Our original product search was the advanced search, where you had to input all information and anything spelled incorrectly would not show up in the system. Whereas, the smart product search will now bring up all products by typing in any word associated with that product.

 Smart product search 

Advanced Product Search 


  1. Proof of delivery apps

This feature is part of the mobile apps feature. The proof of delivery is a part of the app that allows the driver to confirm the customer has received the item by getting a signature to verify the delivery. It also has an option to tick off the items, flag item with a fault, and upload an image of the product if it’s damaged. This feature makes it very easy for delivery drivers to quickly record everything about a product instead of messing with dockets.


  1. New landing dashboard

This new landing dashboard has everything a retailer could want on one page. It has the management system broken down in separate sections so it is easy to navigate. The top section has it broken down into steps and the bottom section has it broken down into the key modules in the system to include the Point of Sale, business analytics, reporting, support and more. On the right hand side it shows you tasks and actions such as product faults, urgent assistance required, waiting on customer feedback etc. It also shows you information regarding purchase orders to include the amount of purchase order approvals and orders pending.


  1. Tile Builder

This feature, although it was been around a while is still quite an important feature to mention. The tile builder is extremely useful at the time of sale with a customer and you want to create a sale for a product that has many different variations. With beds for example, they all come in different sizes, colours and drawers, so this tile builder is handy to configure a customised product straight away.


All these features are available and will help retailers with their business operations. To find out more information about all our features and our furniture retail software, contact us today for a free demo and consultation.