How Automation can help your retail business

The power of automation may often be underestimated in how beneficial it is in the eyes of the furniture retailer. Once you start using a retail order management software, you will realise the amount of work and time it saves from having so many tasks automated. Before acquiring a furniture inventory software, you perform the majority of tasks either manually or using excel sheets. Below are just some of the manual tasks furniture retailers have to do on a daily basis:

  • They have to keep a record of stock by doing regular stock takes otherwise they will not know how much stock is being sold and left available.
  • They have to figure out from their records, the trends in their business, so they can strategically align and plan their stock control for the weeks and months ahead.
  • They record customer information, invoices and orders on written paper or into excel sheets. Either way, it is costing the retailer significant time and money to do all this manual work.

Automating these tasks with a retail management software such as Ordorite can significantly improve your business efficiency and accuracy, while freeing up your time to focus on other important parts of your business. Such benefits of automation include:

  • Saves time and moneyWhile your retail management system is automating the majority of tasks for you that before was done manually, it frees up a lot of your time and indeed your money so you can focus on other important things in your business.
  • Automated Customer Information and InvoicesThe system allows you to input customer information in a quick and easy way, so for future purchases from that customer, all their information is on the system, saving you lots of time in the long run. Invoices are also automated in the system, with the option of adding your own business details such as logo, address and phone number.
  • Improves accuracy of business tasks – Once an initial stock take is taken, a retail management software can tell you exactly how much stock you have left in every product and where they are located. So whether they are on your shop floor, in your warehouse, or being shipped in from an inbound container, the system can tell you exactly how much stock is available and how much you need to buy in.
  • Provides hundreds of automated reports The system offers you hundreds of automated reports such as stock replenishment reports, stock valuations and gross profit reports to help you analyse your business in a fast and efficient way, and help you make informed decisions about your business’ performance and future growth.
  • Improves operational efficiency of the business – Once the majority of your tasks are automated, your margin for error is greatly reduced, making all operations in your business run smoothly and the operational efficiency of your business is at a very high standard.

Ordorite Software can help your business automate the tasks that are important in your business and manage all the other aspects and departments from end-to-end, with Point of Sale, warehouse management, purchasing and sales, customer service, analytic reports, to delivery and logistics. To find out more about our software, or simply to get some more advice on how automation can help your business, and other departments in your business, or to schedule an online demo and consultation with us, click here