trends 2020Furniture Retail Trends to Look Out for in 2020


As a furniture retail brand, you should always have your fingers on the pulse of the industry.  It is a fast-moving landscape, and as such, you need to be ready to move with it.  For example, many people are setting up point of sale basics to help improve customer experiences.  Are you doing enough for your customers at the point of sale?

It’s important to know what shoppers will expect from their furniture stores in 2020 and beyond.  Whether or not you are already using furniture POS software, here are some interesting trends you should look out for.


New Ways Customers Can Pay

Furniture retail is opening up to flexible payment technology.  Can your customers pay with cards as well as cash?  Do you accept contactless payments, as well as Apple Pay?  While it may seem unnecessary to accept so many different payment options at once, the broader your scope, the more people you will appeal to.

You are also future-proofing your business.  Any good furniture store with simple furniture POS software should look to make payments quicker and easier.  Even if you don’t have a point of sale system in place, shoppers will demand you at least have a few payment options available in 2020.


Channel Blending

Many furniture shoppers now expect you to blend your channels.  They want to be able to find the perfect suite on your website, add it to the basket with a voucher code, and then pay for it in-store.  They want to see your products upfront once they’ve read the blurb online.

Furniture shoppers in 2020 want you to make the online experience a key part of your offline approach.  If you don’t, you could risk losing interest from a very lucrative corner of the market.  You will likely find plenty of leading names in furniture already allow shoppers to buy offline and pick up in-store.


Seamless Communication with a Point of Sale

A great point of sale system will help you to make things even more efficient for your customers.  Not only will they be able to see more choices more efficiently, but you can break down communication barriers.  2020 shoppers want floor staff to check furniture stock from a single screen.  That’s only ever possible by setting up leading furniture point of sale software.

Trends show that more and more furniture operators are working to help their sales teams and warehouse staff communicate better.  This helps to ensure shoppers get the answers they need as soon as possible.  In 2020, shoppers shouldn’t expect anything less than instant access to fantastic furniture when they demand it.


Getting Ready for 2020

2020 is set to be an exciting year for furniture retail.  Re-thinking your furniture point of sale software strategy, too, could help you appeal to modern customers more than ever before.

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