FW Homestores, is a UK-based family-owned furniture company established in 1993, with a reputation for offering high-quality, stylish furniture designs at affordable prices. As the operations of its four large superstores and a thriving online store continued to grow, they encountered limitations with their existing software system.

FW Homestores turned to Ordorite Software Solutions, an award-winning furniture software provider renowned for its comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of furniture retailers, for a more effective software solution.

Ordorite migrated all existing data from FW Homestores’ previous system, including stock, payments, live orders, and purchase orders, ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform. This standout feature sets Ordorite apart from its competitors and provided a seamless experience for FW Homestores’ existing customers and stores from day one, eliminating any disruption to operations.

Since implementing Ordorite, FW Homestores has experienced significant improvements across various aspects of their business including eCommerce growth, time-saving benefits, and a noticeable reduction in errors. Since the system was implemented, FW Homestores has witnessed growth in their eCommerce operations, with all web orders seamlessly synchronised with the Ordorite system. In addition to this, substantial time savings have been reported, noting that spending hours each day manually inputting orders is now a thing of the past. This efficiency gain has allowed staff to focus on more value-added tasks. Furthermore, the implementation of Ordorite has led to a dramatic reduction in errors and incorrect item deliveries. FW Homestores acknowledges that human error is inevitable, but with Ordorite, the occurrence of errors has become marginal compared to before.

Adam Hawthorne, Sales Director at FW Homestores, highlighted the benefits of implementing Ordorite, stating, “Since implementing Ordorite, we’ve experienced significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy. The setup process was incredibly smooth, and we’re thrilled with the results.”

Darren Lee, Business Development Director (UK) at Ordorite, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration with FW Homestores, stating, “Working with FW Homestores has been a rewarding experience. We’re delighted to have provided them with the solutions they needed to enhance their operations and support their growth.”

By leveraging Ordorite’s advanced features and seamless integration capabilities, FW Homestores has positioned itself for continued growth and success in the competitive furniture retail market.