Ordorite is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Shipster, the innovative shipping software developed by Oddsphere Ltd. This partnership is set to redefine the landscape of e-commerce and retail logistics, offering a range of benefits tailored to enhance operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.

Shipster’s bespoke shipping software provides a seamless solution for generating all necessary shipping documents automatically, including shipping labels, invoices, returns, and customs documentation, ensuring businesses are Brexit, IOSS, and EORI ready. This integration significantly streamlines the packing and shipping processes for furniture and related industry retailers, allowing for a more organised operation that minimises errors and accelerates order fulfilment​​ and customer satisfaction.

A standout feature of Shipster is its custom shipping rules capability. Retailers can tailor their shipping process based on various criteria such as weight, destination, parcel type, and more, offering an unrivalled level of customisation. This flexibility enables businesses to optimise shipping costs and efficiency dramatically.

Shipster’s integration capabilities offers connections with all Ordorite warehouse systems, sales systems and inventory tools, aiming to help Ordorite’s clients to achieve an optimal workflow.

The partnership promises scalability and cost efficiency, which is critical for businesses aiming to grow in the competitive e-commerce and retail landscapes. Shipster’s licence fee model, as opposed to per-label pricing, allows for predictable budgeting and savings, especially as order volumes increase. The system’s flexibility to adapt to seasonal demands or business growth ensures that companies can scale operations without sacrificing efficiency or customer service quality​​.

Shipster’s recent growth initiatives, including expanding their team and integrating with over 100 leading couriers, highlight their commitment to innovation and excellence in shipping and logistics. This aligns with Ordorite’s mission to provide comprehensive retail management solutions, making this partnership a strategic move towards offering clients a competitive edge in the market​​.

Ordorite and Shipster are set to offer stores and e-commerce businesses a robust solution that covers everything from packing and shipping to advanced analytics and customer segmentation. This collaboration not only promises to improve operational efficiencies and cost savings but will enhance customer experience, positioning retailers for success in a rapidly evolving retail environment.