Out of stock5 Ways You Can Avoid Stockouts with POS Inventory Management

In the retail furniture business, stockouts are nightmare scenarios.  Modern shopping standards have demonised the idea of anything being out of stock.  Therefore, inventory management software helps you ensure you are always well-prepared for all demands. What kind of inventory control system will your store need to combat stockouts in future?


Keep Data Relevant

A leading retail management system will put stock data at the front and centre of your operation.  A reliable furniture inventory control system will collect everything there is to know about what you have in your warehouse with live updates.

For example, if the last chaise lounge in a specific style just sells out, your POS should update to let you know with immediate effect.  By keeping your data consistent, you will never have to play catch up.  Accurate data hosted by an inventory control system will alert you when stock is low.


Give Staff Access to Inventory

A great retail management system should always give power to your floor staff.  With a reliable POS inventory service, sales teams can check instantly to see if items are available.

If they are not, they should be able to raise alerts to buying and warehouse teams.  A good Point of sale system will give everyone access to the same data.  For example, if a cream armchair has run out of stock and customers are demanding it, sales staff can raise the alarm to stock and buying control to replenish.


Highlight Alternatives

One of the great things about inventory management software is that it can help to upsell products.  Instead of risking a loss through unavailable stock, you could suggest an alternative item to shoppers.

For example, if a bathroom cabinet in one style is out of stock, your POS could let customers and staff know about other types, shapes and styles.  In some cases, you could even offer small discounts on alternative items if the furniture they want is unavailable.


Enhance Buying Strategies with an Inventory Control System

The data obtained through a solid control system will help you to fine-tune your buying.  For example, a POS platform could let you know if trends emerge in people buying beds during the winter.

You can, therefore, use this information as a precedent, and to prepare for potential shortages in future.


Educate Your Customers

Last of all, dependable inventory management software should fully inform your customers.  Consider providing them with a touch-screen interface while they shop.

Inventory control will tell them if the furniture they want is in stock.  It will also let them know when you can expect more stock to arrive, if there are any alternatives, and if other stores in your line have it available.


Using Inventory Management Software for the Better

With a reliable POS system, inventory and stock management could help to transform your shoppers’ experiences for the better.  What’s more, it could help you to refine your processes and productivity each day.

Ordorite supports a fantastic and comprehensive POS platform for all furniture retail needs.  Take control of stock levels, allow for team cross-communication, and ensure you are ready to combat potential loss.

Why not take our POS software for a test drive online today?