pos system 5 Things to Remember When Choosing the Perfect POS System


Before you buy a retail POS system for your furniture business, there are several things you need to consider.  The point of reliable retail POS software is, of course, to help make your customer’s shopping experience run that little bit smoother.  As well as that, the best POS systems will also help you run your entire business, and give you insightful, valuable marketing analytics you can use to help boost sales.

Here are five keys points to keep in mind when you are choosing a new furniture store POS.


Does Your Retail POS Software Offer Insightful Marketing Analysis?

When looking for the perfect retail POS software, you should consider choosing a system that captures intuitive marketing information. Marketing information such as how often a customer buys in store, what they buy, and how much they spend. This type of information can be extremely useful for retailers, as they can tailor deals to specific customers and encourage repeat visits.

For example, if a shopper buys an armchair, you could give them exclusive money off on a matching footstool through email.  The more data a POS system captures, the more leads you could generate.


Is it Easy For You to Use?

When choosing a retail management system, you should, of course, consider ease of use.  The perfect furniture retail system will manage your business smoothly and efficiently. The system should be easy to navigate, automate many processes and make your business a lot smoother.


How Much Training is Needed?

All good retail Point of sale software solutions should be easy to use by design.  However, some training is always necessary.  Think about choosing a retail POS system that lets the user learn as they go.

An efficient, cost-effective option may be to set up a POS where users can actively immerse themselves as they play around with various features.  There is no harm in setting up extensive pre-training, but on-the-job training can be more productive and less disruptive.


Can You Track Inventory Through Your Retail Management System?

One of the most important features of a furniture store POS system is, of course, inventory management.  Your floor staff is going to need to answer questions on stock levels frequently throughout the day.

The perfect POS software will give you lots of information regarding your inventory. With one store or hundreds of stores, an intuitive POS system should show you availability of inventory in all your locations, including your warehouses, and allow you to transfer inventory between stores if necessary.


Can Your Retail POS System be used on-the-go?


Choose a retail management system that can be used anywhere on the shop floor. Make your sales staffs’ lives easier by having access to the POS system on a tablet or Ipad, so they can walk around the shop floor, check inventory and make a sales order from start to finish without having to run back and forth to the front till.


Choosing the Best Retail POS System

If you are looking for furniture store POS software which brings together your whole team, it is best to partner with an experienced brand.  Ordorite’s POS solutions will support your marketing strategies, your customers’ shop floor experience, and can even help your staff manage their daily tasks more efficiently.

If you’d like to know more about how Ordorite’s services could support you, why not take a look at our live demo?