20205 New Year’s Resolutions to Kick-Start Your Retail Business


January is a crucial point in the retail calendar.  It is a fantastic time to monopolise on sales after Christmas, for example.  Are you well-equipped enough – with point of sale software – to handle such queries?  Reliable POS system software could make all the difference!

Here are five fantastic New Year’s resolutions all furniture stores should swear by this new year.


1. Focus on Your Customer

New Year is a great time to think about your customer experience.  Are you handling queries quickly enough?  Are you giving your visitors enough choice?  You could – and should – think about reducing wait times and helping to take time off customers’ hands on the shop floor.

For example, you could use mobile point of sale software to help customers check out while browsing.  Rather than having to queue up to pay, retailers could create a sales order from start to finish on the shop floor without having to go to the till.

While all furniture store customers will be looking for great quality products, they do not want to stand around for long periods.  Take some heat off the queue!


2. Tailor Some New Deals

One of the best reasons to use POS system software in the first place is to capture customer data.  This is a good thing for all parties.  You could set up POS software to retain customer details with their consent.  You could then check their browsing and previous shopping habits and set up specific deals for them.

This is a great way to encourage repeat custom.  While many people love big sales events, many more will appreciate the bespoke approach.  For example, if a customer buys a sofa from a specific collection, you could use POS system software to recommend accessories from the same range.  It is, crucially, all about personalising their whole experience.


3. Use Point of Sale Software for Inventory Control

After Christmas, retail stockrooms can start looking a little jumbled.  With furniture retail inventory, it can get tricky to manage specific collections once the Christmas rush is over.  However, that’s where POS software can come in handy.

Point of sale systems can allow floor staff, as well as management, to keep tabs on inventory.  This New Year, you could implement a system that allows you to communicate freely with storeroom operatives.  Instead of having to call through or wait for answers, all the answers you need are just a few taps away.

Think about how much this could speed up the shopping process.  It could free up your team and give customers quick, clear answers.


4. Use POS System Software to Go Multi-Channel

In the world of retail – not just furniture shopping – we are looking at a multi-channel future.  Sometimes known as omnichannel, retail businesses can connect their online stores and catalogues to their in-store merchandising.

By using POS technology, you can bring up data from customers who have already begun shopping online.  Theoretically, a customer could start shopping around through your website, check stock, and then complete their sale in-store.  It’s a hugely convenient approach for the customer, and it helps tie everything together from a sales perspective.

Reliable POS systems will help to bring all available channels together.  Therefore, you can personalise customer experiences easier than ever before.


5. Train, Train, Train!

Above all, New Year is a great time to upskill your team.  Reliable POS technology shouldn’t take too long to learn.  However, it makes sense that you should keep everyone on the same page.  POS systems can offer on-the-job training, meaning that there’s no need for stuffy modules.  Employees should look at a new year as a new slate, with new chances to grow.

However, your business is going to need to think likewise.  Bring in POS software that your team can grow with and adapt to with ease.  Make sure your team is fighting fit to provide the best, most efficient care they can to your customers.  Retail technology is only going to help you further in this regard.



It’s time to start looking to the future.  Is point of sale software part of your plan for 2020?  Ordorite’s comprehensive POS system software could help you make your shop floor more efficient, and your customer experiences more exciting.  Why not take a look at our free live demo as part of your New Year resolutions?