Warehouse Management (WMS)

12th November 2022 2023-09-12 10:59

Warehouse Management

Manage all your inventory digitally and in real time with the assistance of mobile technology

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Warehouse management System

Digitalise your warehouse with Ordorite Warehouse management System

Ordorite Mobile apps have been designed with efficiency and usability in mind for warehousing and delivery experts.

Our Mobile App will enable you to quickly and with ease:

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Warehouse Management

Ordorite’s system accounts for warehouse management tools and techniques such as barcoding & box management, stock taking & movement and product lifecycle tracing.


By some estimates, item-level tagging, when implemented properly, can increase inventory accuracy from 63% to 95%


Human error is the top issue in 46% of warehouses


1 out of 3 businesses tend to delay shipments because of selling unavailable products to customers

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