The furniture industry has seen a major overhaul in its ability to serve customers more effectively through furniture store point of sale. Understanding and implementing effective POS system for furniture store can be a huge game changer in current times. It allows you to cater to customers who may otherwise avoid shopping altogether due to the situation at hand. There are many developments that have happened in the field of POS, including innovative developments.

The POS market across the globe for 2019 was sitting at $15.64 billion! About $200 million is from furniture store POS software. This figure is expected to be doubled in the next 5-6 years with an estimate of over $550 million by 2027. Another area that was particularly interesting was mobile POS which was being used by more than half of the businesses using furniture store POS. Mobile POS has also become especially popular for small and medium sized businesses to increase their sales. Statistics show that about 79% of these businesses have a mobile POS system in use.

Why Furniture Store POS is Important

As businesses grow, they need to use every strategy they can to increase efficiency. This is especially true for furniture businesses since they are relying heavily on their logistics to be efficient along with swift customer service. A furniture store software solves this problem by automating several processes in your supply chain and retail side as well.

Payment Options

With the pandemic at hand, this has become even more important since businesses have to ensure that customers can pay the way they want. With so many people avoiding cash and card payments that involve contact, you could be losing potential customers by not providing an innovative solution.

Stock Management

Another problem that businesses have started solving exclusively through furniture store point of sale is stock management. Faster growth means you need to introduce more stock and often you cannot rely on manpower to keep things in check all the time. This is even truer for businesses that are providing online retail for their furniture business.

Marketing Potential

Probably the biggest loss in terms of potential for businesses that do not use a furniture POS is in marketing. POS these days provide all the information you need to tailor marketing strategies for your customers. They help make sure that your conversion rates are high and if you are not using this strategy to your advantage then you are at loss.

Growth Management

If your furniture business is seeing too many team meetings to keep things in check, you are clearly not using a furniture store point of sale. Expanding your business means that at some point, it would be impossible to keep everything in check manually. That is why implementation of a POS system is extremely important for business growth. Businesses that are still not using POS are losing the battle of market growth to those who have taken the crucial step towards technological assistance.

The Advantage of Implementing Ordorite POS

Ordorite recognizes the importance that furniture store POS systems have for businesses in the industry and has worked for over a decade to make lives easier. The solutions are tailored to help with problems specific to the furniture industry. Customers using Ordorite systems for their furniture POS have seen improvements in practically every area including customers service, stock management, cash flow, and even profit margins. Here is what you can expect to get if you implement a system from Ordorite.Furniture inventory management system

  • Check product availability immediately with only a few clicks with real time stock inventory information. Purchase new stock immediately by using the built-in ordering support or sell products that are still inbound.
  • Sell products in just five steps, thanks to the highly intuitive design of Ordorite furniture store POS. All you need to do is open a new sale, take customer information, add products, verify details, and finish the sale.point of sale systems furniture
  • Increase potential sales through up-selling and link-selling with prompts providing suggestions on the POS.
  • Use Ordorite furniture POS to gather customer information which will not only make future transactions smoother, but also allow you to market your product through multiple channels.
  • Note down customer’s interests for future purchases during the sale process in the system to get automatic prompts. These will help you with targeted marketing and increase potential sales.
  • Support for PDQ machine integration with furniture store software to enable card payments at the store. You can also connect other machines like barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers.
  • Create customized orders for customers using the tile builder feature that allows you to select different features of the product such as fabric, color, style, and size.

Final Words

Having a good furniture store POS has become extremely important for businesses to succeed nowadays. You need to maximize your opportunities to stay competitive and a good POS like Ordorite can help you out significantly.