Automation has long been seen as a ‘nice to have’ for furniture retailers, however with over 92% of Ordorite users reporting immediate efficiencies in their businesses after implementation of the software, should it be questioned whether this is still the case?

In this blog we will take a look at how Ordorite’s automation processes revolutionise a core part of any furniture retailers’ operations, warehouse management.

One of Ordorite’s key warehouse management capabilities is geared towards preventing lost stock and saving staff time during the stock taking process, the system allows all stock barcodes to be scanned and once this is completed, before automatically comparing the stock scanned with the existing stock inventory and reporting if there are any discrepancies. The Ordorite warehouse management system transforms painstaking stock counting processes, slashing the time required, negating any human error, and allowing discrepancies to be swiftly recognised and investigated – saving businesses countless amounts of time and money.

Another feature of Ordorite’s warehouse management is its powerful stock picking functionality and automation. The stock picking feature helps retailers see an end to infuriated customers who’ve received the wrong orders, in addition mounting costs for deliveries in error, by using automation to make sure the right order leaves the warehouse, every time. Ordorite’s stock picking feature works to ensure that no orders leave the warehouse with missing or incorrect boxes, by ensuring that all deliveries are correctly scanned out of the warehouse, the system alerts the user should any duplicate or wrong items be scanned out with any order, or if items are missing.

Ordorite allows retailers to achieve fully digital warehouses, meaning that they can access stock movements, barcoding and box management, multi warehouse configurations, warehouse pick lists and loading lists, product lifecycle traceability and stock taking at the click of a button on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Ordorite is cloud-based and can be accessed by anytime, anywhere, so that business owners and managers can look after their businesses on-the-go.

Warehouse management is one core and highly efficient area of the Ordorite software, and we hear, time and time again, how this functionality has been transformational for our clients when it comes to operational efficiency across their warehouse teams. Get in touch with Ordorite today to find out how our solutions can benefit your organisation, or to arrange a system demo.