black friday salesHow Successful Marketing Campaigns Can Increase Your Black Friday Sales


Originating in the United States, Black Friday is now one of the most popular sales days in the British retail calendar.  This is especially the case for the furniture retail industry.  You will find that customers expect sofas, beds and accessories to fall in price over a week-long event.  A flexible retail point of sale system, as well as a broad-reaching marketing campaign, could help you to monopolise on such interests this November.


Use Deal Analytics to Shape Future Marketing

One of the best ways you can use retail point of sale services for seasonal marketing is to set templates.  By using deal and loyalty scheme analytics, you can use a POS to identify how specific customers react to particular offers.  You can then use this data to fine-tune your Black Friday deals and drive more sales.

For example, a 20% off deal on footstools, when combined with armchairs, may speak to shoppers over 50 years of age.  You can use this data to shape targeted marketing for next year’s event season.  A good POS system will retain and collate data that is easy to understand and re-use.  Therefore, it is an asset to future sales marketing.


Seamless Add-Ons In-Store with Retail Point of Sale Techniques

One of the most effective ways to market products in-store is through add-on sales.  Traditionally, this can take place at checkout.  However, through a leading retail point of sale system, you can introduce useful add-on products to customers while they browse.

In-store marketing on special events will enhance with interactive displays and catalogues.  For example, a shopper could choose to add a double bed to their digital basket.  While on the shop floor, an automated message could encourage them to consider an exclusive deal on a bedside table.  Sales members can then show buyers a physical model to encourage additional spend.


Surprise Your Loyal Shoppers

One of the best ways to tie in a furniture retail POS with seasonal deals is through pre-emptive marketing.  While many shoppers will know that sales days are coming, you can use data captured through in-store interactions to shape exclusive emails and deals.  A retail point of sale can capture contact details for shoppers, and with their in-store habits, you could contact them about pre-sale deals which are relevant to them.

For example, in furniture retail, you can encourage someone who has bought a dining table and chairs to invest in tableware or decoration.  You can let them know that deals are approaching far ahead of November end to give them time to prepare.  What’s more, they will appreciate that you have thought of them!


Using POS Services for Black Friday Success

The best POS systems will help you market to furniture shoppers during sales events in fresh, exciting ways.  Use the data you capture to shape unique experiences and to inspire shoppers to take advantage of amazing deals.

Ordorite offers a flexible and niche point of sale service specifically for the furniture retail industry.  Create a seamless, enjoyable and hassle-free Black Friday event for your customers.  Choose a system which not only speeds up your process but which gives greater power to your shoppers.  Take a look at our live demo and try our bespoke POS before you buy!