furniture trends 2020Furniture Industry trend guide 2020

The furniture retail industry is always changing.  Furniture tastes change, as do buying habits.  For example, many people focus exclusively now on buying responsibly-sourced fabrics.  Some stores have a POS system and furniture point of sale software in place to help enhance their customers’ experiences.

In this quick guide, we will consider a few of the leading trends in our industry we are likely to expect by the end of the year.  What’s stimulating our customers in 2020?  What can we do to harness these trends?  Let’s take a look.


An Increase in Loyalty

Despite global economics healing itself a little, people are still looking for bargains.  Therefore, furniture retail customers want to be rewarded for loyalty.  Even small businesses are expected to launch loyalty cards and to release deals and vouchers through email.  In 2020, these expectations are set to increase.

Therefore, take advantage.  Use a cloud-based POS, for example, to map customer behaviours.  You can then create unique deals and offers based on their precise buying patterns.  Show you care about customer loyalty.


Eco-Friendly Buying Habits

The last few years have shown we all need to think more carefully about the environment.  Plastic, in particular single-use material, has hit the headlines in the past few years.  It is slowly choking our oceans and causing widespread damage through landfill and elsewhere.

Therefore, more and more furniture customers want eco-friendly products.  They want to know that they are buying material which is free from anything likely to leak toxins into the planet.  Rethink your sourcing strategies and show your customers that you, too, are responsible.


Ethical Buying Habits

Similarly to the above, more and more consumers are becoming aware of how their furniture is being made.  That means they want to know their sofas and chairs are ethically sourced.  Can you trace the origins of your furniture’s manufacture?

It may be time to think carefully about the furniture you purchase.  Can you be sure that manufacturers and labourers receive fair treatment?  You could use furniture point of sale software to track your sourcing too.


Faster Checkouts with a Speedy POS System

On the shop floor, furniture customers in 2020 will expect a speedier process.  They want to be able to check a product online.  They want to see it in store.  Then, they want to checkout without having to queue.  You could achieve all of this through cloud-based POS.

With a leading POS system or point of sale approach, you could help to make the customer experience more efficient.  You could streamline communications between your team members.  You could also give more power to the customer, allowing them to browse through touch screens and interactive guides.


2020 will be a big year for furniture retail.  As consumers become more aware of what they are buying, retailers, too, need to demonstrate awareness of their stock and exercise responsibility for the experiences they provide.

It all starts with a leading POS system.  Ordorite’s furniture point of sale software will help you bring team members together, offer greater clarity to customers, and make experiences for everyone more efficient in-store.  Want to know more?  Take a look at Ordorite’s live demo here.