POS systemFive Top Tips for Managing a Successful POS Implementation

Furniture stores come under a lot of pressure to provide a superb service.  From customer-led product design to warehouse management, a new POS implementation can help to enhance your customer’s journeys.

Here are five great ways to ensure your furniture store POS system goes live without complaint.


1. Consider Your Needs

For a POS to work successfully, you must consider your ‘pain points’.  What are your difficulties with your current system? How do you manage your inventory control? How you do gather customer information that is GDPR compliant? How do you manage all departments in your business at the one time? Are there things you need to improve on?

Team members will have lots of insight.  For example, can your floor team efficiently manage furniture inventory?  Make a clear, concise plan for improvement and discuss your needs with your POS supplier.


2. Plan Data Migration Early

If you run a large furniture store, you may have extensive collections you need to account for, orders coming in etc., stock takes, busy periods in store such as Black Friday, Christmas sales, January sales.

Collect your data and work with your team to calculate how long migration may take.  Arrange this as early as you can. Make sure to have all your data on existing excel files for hassle free migration.  Moving data around while your system installs will be a lot of hassle.


3. Research the Competition

When looking for a POS system, make sure it is going to be the right one for your business. There are many systems out there that cater to many different sectors. You should be looking for a POS system that is niche to your specific sector, whether its furniture, bedding or related. Way up all the differences when researching POS software; some software solutions are capital cost, others are subscription cost; make sure and know all the details before implementing a POS into your business.


4. Help Your Team

You need all members of your team to be on the same page the moment your new POS system comes into effect.  That includes your sales staff, your delivery team and warehouse managers.  Therefore, training as early as possible is crucial. Where possible, encourage your team to undertake a live demo before bringing in any new technology.


5. Keep Your Operation Running

Installing new POS software can mean a considerable upheaval if you are unprepared.  However, providing your team and your customers are aware of a new POS coming into effect, there is no reason why you cannot hit the ground running.

Set key points in the implementation journey, which are clear and concise.  Plan such concerns out and ensure your team is ready to react when ‘go live’ day for your POS system comes around.


A Seamless POS Implementation

Preparing for new furniture store POS software can take time and effort.  However, it is all worth it for the long-term benefits your team and your customers will experience.

Help is at hand to ensure your new system installs with zero interruption to your business.  Ordorite supplies a niche, furniture retail POS solution, allowing you to manage a variety of inventory, delivery, and purchasing concerns with ease.  Why not try our live demo and find out more?

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