Since 2006, Ordorite have been supporting furniture and bedding retails end-to-end manage their operations using Ordorite’s cloud-based software, with a keen focus on always ensuring a customer experience that goes above and beyond.

In this blog we will explore how Ordorite’s powerful software solution offers several benefits to customers and retailers during ‘the final mile’ – the journey between goods reaching the retailer and then being delivered to the customer.

The final mile begins when the warehouse receives the inbound delivery containing the customers order, Ordorite is used to check the goods into the warehouse and this then automates a notification to be sent to the customer, letting them know that their order is ready for delivery and offering them a link to arrange their booking in the Ordorite system, here they can choose the date that suits them best for delivery. What’s more, at this point, if the customer has a balance outstanding on their order, they will be prompted to make payment prior to booking their delivery. Not only does is this process simple and easily accessible for the customer, it results in hours of administration time saved by retailers who no longer have to manually contact customers to arrange deliveries or chase for balance payments.

When the customer’s allocated delivery day comes around, the retailer’s warehouse management teams are able to use Ordorite to see all deliveries booked for that day and what vehicles they have available, with the system even accounting for vehicles that may be out of use on a specific day due to scheduled maintenance or MOT. Next, the Ordorite system is used by the warehouse teams to plan the most efficient routes for the day’s deliveries based on the delivery locations and vehicles available, automating messages to all customers expecting deliveries, letting them know not only that their goods are on the way, but also giving them a 1 hour timeslot of when to expect their delivery – meaning the customer doesn’t have to wait at home all day.

Ordorite provides retailers with several mobile apps that work with the end-to-end system management, including a proof of delivery app. This app allows the customer to sign for their delivery quickly and easily digitally and for the retailer to see in real time that deliveries have been successful. Other features of the app include digital disclaimers for customers to sign relating to delivery conditions where required, so that a log of any disclaimer is instantly stored on the retailers Ordorite system.

In the instance of any issue with a customer order, the Ordorite app can be used to instantly report any problem to the retailer, so that the issue can be resolved swiftly and the customer can rest assured that the problem is in hand with the retailer immediately. The app allows any problems to be reported along with notes and photograph if required.

Furniture and bedding retailers are increasingly asking for photographs of their goods in situ for proof of delivery purposes, or to use as marketing collateral, Ordorite has been developed to allow this feature to be implemented if required.

Once the final mile is completed and customers have received their orders, Ordorite can be used for post-delivery analysis and reporting, including providing view of the deliveries made, routes covered, vehicles used and all other information relating to deliveries in one easy to use and filterable view.

If you are a furniture or bedding retailer looking to increase your businesses efficiency while offering your customers excellent customer service, why not get in touch with Ordorite today to arrange a system demo to explore how Ordorite end-to-end management software can benefit your business.