The growing demand of Mobile POS

Gartner reveals 28% of retailers internationally are moving towards Mobile POS

Mobile Point of Sale (POS) system has become an exciting new trend in the world of retail. It allows retailers to handle customer transactions at any location in-store, and not be tied down to a static point of sale unit at check-out desks.

With the mobile POS market valued at 14.62 billion in 2016, Global Market Insights reveal the expected market value by 2023 to be 48.77 billion, which is an incredible increase of 234%. Retailers need to be aware of this explosive phenomenon, in order to keep up-to-date with growing retail trends and customer demands.

There are many advantages associated with mobile POS. Retailers can personalise the customer experience by interacting with the customer while looking at products, creating upselling and cross-selling opportunities for you, and also making the customer feel important. Retailers can accept card payments at any location in-store, making for faster and efficient sales transactions. Retailers can gather customer information at the time of interaction, creating a relationship with the customer, and saving you time and hassle at the check-out till.

Customers are changing the way they shop, with more and more shopping online. Customers’ expectations have also changed dramatically, with the majority expecting a seamless, fast paced shopping experience, be it online or in-store. Customers no longer want to spend hours browsing in shops. Instead, they want a fast and efficient approach to shopping, both in-store and online.

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The ideal of fast paced on-the-go shopping must be replicated in brick-and-mortar stores to meet the high demands of customers. Mobile POS brings a whole new competitive edge to the retail market, enhancing the customer experience for the long term.  Therefore, it is vital for retailers to focus heavily on enhancing the customer experience any way they can.  One way of doing this is mobile POS. It gives retailers the flexibility to have all stock details to hand at any location in-store and the ability to record customer details, and make the sale at the time of interaction, making for a smooth, seamless experience for the customer.

Furniture retailers in particular see plenty of benefit from mobile POS. As well as the advantages mentioned above, furniture retailers can scan barcoded products while on the shop floor talking to customers, instead of taking down the name of the product and searching it at the till, and build up the sale there and then. They also have access to wireless printing and e-receipts, making the transaction an all-in-one interaction with the customer. The idea of gathering information and building the sale all-in-one maximises relationship building and selling opportunities for the furniture retailer.

Ordorite is constantly being innovated and enhanced to ensure we meet the needs of the current advancements in mobile POS technology.